1. What is express detailing?
Answer: Express Detailing services are designed to be efficient enough to be performed while you wait with no appointment necessary yet they still provide you with an incredibly thorough interior and exterior cleaning.

2. What brands of oil do you have available?
Answer: We carry Valvoline, and Mobil brands of oil in order to provide many options for your vehicles maintenance.

3. Do I need to make an appointment?
Answer: No appointment is necessary. All of our services are offered on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you would like to make an appointment we offer either online appointment request on our website (for a discounted price) or you are welcome to call our office at 301-638-WASH. Appointments are for Express Detail services only.

4. How do you know what services are recommended for my vehicle?
Answer: Our POS system uses the ChekChart database which provides your vehicle manufacturers recommended mileage intervals for preventive maintenance services. Generic mileage recommendations are also provided by Valvoline, a respected authority on lubricants and preventive maintenance services. All recommendations for preventive maintenance will be based on mileage or visual inspection (for filters and belts) and not questionable methods such as fluid comparisons or smell. This is because Spirit of America is dedicated to educating customers about their vehicles preventive maintenance needs and not upselling.

5. May I bring in my own oil and filter for you to change?
Answer: Yes we can, and you will still get your fluids checked and a free carwash along with it. In fact, you can provide your own product for most of the services we offer and you'll receive a significant discount off the normal service price.

6. Do you hand wash cars?
Answer: We do not provide hand washes

7. Do your hours ever change?
Answer: Our hours do not change. They are Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm and 10am-5pm on Sunday.

8. Do you accept Voyager/Wright Express/Fleet Gas Cards?
Answer: Currently, we cannot accept these types of cards as payment

9. Can I drop my vehicle off and pick it up later?
Answer: Of course! Just be sure to be back before we close so you can get your keys! We do not have a night drop box for vehicles to be dropped off overnight.

10. Can I purchase oil/parts/cleaning supplies from you?
Answer: We carry most of our products in bulk tanks and drums, therefore we can not sell these products individually as a retailer would.